Finance Application

I certify that the information provided on this application is to the best of my knowledge, complete and accurate. I understand that the financial institution (s) (which may or may not be introduced as GOLD AUTOMART LLC) will rely on this information to judge my credit worthiness and in their decision making as to whether to make any loan to me, and will retain this application and information about me whether or not this application is approved. Further, I authorize an investigation of my credit and employment history by and I authorize the lender (s) to release information about its experience with me as they may deem appropriate. I understand that false statements may subject me to criminal penalties and/or other adverse consequences

By checking off the box marked 'I agree' in front of this document I (customer) hereby acknowledge GOLD AUTOMART LLC, will and authorize that they may submit my information as supplied herein and as may otherwise be supplied to them by 3rd party institutions(s) who may consider providing me with a car loan (financing). I (customer) herby further understand that in the event of getting my car loan approved though the third party arranged with the assistance of GOLD AUTOMART LLC. Utilizing the information I supply them with ownership of the vehicle I may be shown by Formula GOLD AUTOMART LLC., will first be transferred to the third party institution arranging the loan for me and that GOLD AUTOMART LLC. Will not be the seller to me of such vehicle and that GOLD AUTOMART LLC shall have no further responsibility or involvement in the actual sale to me and the contract with the third party instituiton I may be introduced to by GOLD AUTOMART LLC. I understand that I will have the opportunity to consider and decide upon whether to accept any such related charges on my own and without any discussion with or any other input from GOLD AUTOMART LLC.
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